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Studio Tlacuilo + Library is located in the House of RAD, 900 E. Keefe Ave. in Milwaukee's Riverwest Neighborhood.  The studio is a work in progress and as I begin to expand my practice I will be building a library that will be filled with only artist's books, handmade books and books created by Tlacuilo.  Tlacuilo is the Nahuatl word describing the bookmakers, painters and writers.  

Studio Tlacuilo will offer classes in the future.  There will also be an open call for artists to contribute to the library. 

Studio Tlacuilo + Library will later expand into a book mobile. 

Studio Tlacuilo + Library holds respect to the Tlacuilo who have come before, the codices that still remain from pre-Conquest, written during the 15th and 16th Century and all of the codices that are still to be written. Studio Tlacuilo + Library wants to remind the communidad that Libraries belong to everyone and that We Are The Bookmakers/ Somos Tlacuilos.  We welcome all to enjoy the offerings and research by and from Celeste Contreras. 

Crossing Over,
cardboard, acrylic paint, paper
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